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Sing yourself to happy

It's true! Singing has been proven to make you happy!

Now I have always been a strong believer in the power of music, how you listen to a piece of music and it can transport you to a specific time, place or even emotion. How a song can make you want to twerk around your room in your undies or strut down Oxford Street on a Saturday afternoon like you own it.

But imagine how it can make you feel if you're not just listening to the music but experiencing it. When you sing, musical vibrations move through you and change your physical and emotional landscape. Singing releases hormones within the body that take remarkable effect, endorphines (the happy hormone), which is also released by smiling, is associated with feelings of pleasure. Oxytocin is also produced which has been found to relieve anxiety and stress and if that doesn't sound good enough already it also enhances feelings of trust and bonding which studies have shown lessens likelihood of depression and loneliness. Not to mention how great it feels to hit that certain note in the shower that rings out like a bell! (All to do with acoustical space both inside your mouth and in the room...but we'll save that for another blog!) All in all I see no reason to NOT sing! If science is to be believed then really there is no reason at all. So dust off those vocal chords, grab that hairbrush and get happy this Autumn!

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