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New Year, Same You, Healthier Voice

Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR! A time to reflect and for many, a time for resolutions and self improvements. I always have the same resolution to go somewhere I have never been and try something I have never done to satisfy the adventurer in me. I do love the idea of being able to change all of the little niggles in life so that across the board I am living in a 'Disney-esque' land full of rainbows and smiles and expensive holidays. BUT, as much as it pains me to say, I learned a long time ago that this is not real life. (Disney and Rom Coms really have skewed people's expectations and should be answerable to it in court I say)

This is not me saying that deciding to set a goal is not a wonderful thing. I am ALL up for self improvement, I think if you can recognise something in yourself that you would benefit from improving for the better then you should go for it with a full heart. I think a fresh start and a goal spur people on to try and alter aspects of their life for the positive and I think this is brilliant. New Year resolutions do have a habit of falling by the wayside however... We've all done the diet after Christmas which never stuck and the exercise regime that started off like military training and ended up us justifying sitting on the sofa watching Netflix because we went to the gym twice last week. So what is it that helps us stick at it; psycologists say that you should make just one resolution and break it down into steps to make it more achievable. They also said to expect to revert back to old habits and to keep a journal to motivate you. SOUND ADVICE. IF what you have resolved to do is something you really want.

I do not like the phrase "New Year, New You". It implies that there was something wrong with you the year previous and I think this world is full of enough negativity. Instead is would like to coin the phrase "Make the Very Best of What You Have".

We ALL have a voice, it's not that you were rubbish at singing in 2016, you have just decided to improve on what you have. I agree with psycologists that setting specific goals is more achievable because it gives you focus and stops you from feeling over whelmed. For instance rather than saying, this year I would like sing like Beyonce or actually BETTER than Beyonce and sell out a world tour, TWICE, you could say I want to improve my belt voice more specifically my range. (Sounds slightly less glamorous) But this will enable you to sing songs that are high and difficult in range and perhaps develop a voice that is completely different to Beyonce but in a wonderful and hey, the sky's the limit, maybe in an even better way! Be inspired, be motivated but be you!

I was inspired by all of the Paraolympians in 2016, especially Kadeena Cox who developed Multiple Sclerosis and could have given up on a training to become an athlete. But instead she made the very best of what she had and went on to win 2 medals in the Paralympics in Rio only 2 years after being diagnosed. Sometimes life happens but if singing is what you want to do whether as a career or just for yourself, then do it. You have a voice, it's up to you how you use it.

HAPPY NEW YEAR. I hope this has inspired you, for more information drop me an email at

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